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Enchanting Exteriors


We paint with light to create enchanting exteriors at night.

The universe is full of both natural and man-made beauty. we are very sensitive to it. enchanting exteriors was founded to highlight the wonderful features of your lovingly designed homes and carefully curated landscapes. our mission is to put a warm smile of contentment on your face every time you pull up to your home at night or enjoy your garden in the evening.

We are here to help you manifest all the hidden beauty within your outdoor spaces. 





We bring your charming exteriors to life after the sun goes down and set the mood with a true outdoor Hi-Fi experience.


The homes we have a privilege to work with have beautifully designed elevations surrounded by just as impressive landscapes. They're stunning to look at all day, but they tend to disappear at night, losing their splendor. We focus on bringing them back to life after the sunset by carefully painting them with light. Employing various techniques, we pay attention to all the critical details like...



The Cambridge English Dictionary defines term Hi-Fi as "the sound produced by electronic equipment that plays recorded music very accurately, or the equipment itself." Most music lovers associate Hi-Fi with indoor spaces. Yes, we know that calling an outdoor audio system High Fidelity it's a bold statement that's likely to raise many of our pier audiophile's eyebrows. We, however, firmly believe the outdoor spaces offer a perfect setting to enjoy the proper Hi-Fi sound. Ranging from the relatively well-known solutions like...