Enchanting Exteriors was born out the desire to bring more beauty into the world. It is a way to manifest who I am today and another milestone on my my journey to make life better and more enjoyable for my clients. Hi, my name is Luke Pawlus. Thank you for taking the time to check out what we do and why. The "why" is hugely important to me. I started my professional career twenty years ago as an alarm installer. After nearly twelve years of growth I was offered a position at a North Shore AV Integrator. That lead to an opportunity to start a my first venture: an AV and Home Automation brand called AVIDIA with a couple of great guys. That company came to life from a vision of being able to complete the project just as it was designed or better. While in charge, we finally had an ability to see every project through as promised, as designed, with no shortcuts. A couple of years later came the second venture: PROTECH SECURITY CO. My return to the alarm industry that is so embedded in my DNA. Fast forward few years to here and now. I've grown, matured, changed. I have allowed my sensitivity and the awe of the Universe to come forth. I am both going back to my roots by taking an active role in Protech Security and taking a leap forward with Enchanting Exteriors, while my legacy continues at at Avidia. Three years ago I got a chance to meet my business partner Patryk Serwicki. He is an extraordinary soul. We share similar background in the alarm industry and the sensitivity to beautiful, magical, and luxurious things in life. That's why we decided to engage together on this journey. Here's where we come full circle to the "why". Outdoor spaces have fascinated me for a very long time. The desire to make them magical is a relatively new development. I am also a lifelong audiophile. That's why partnering with Coastal Source is a natural fit. After learning about how enchanting the exteriors can be, I started looking at the same neighborhoods we worked in and I noticed that all the splendor and beauty of these impressive properties disappears at night. I had to do something about it. That's how and why Enchanting Exteriors came to be.

If you share my vision and Iove the beauty as much as I do, I look forward to working with you on creating magnificent outdoor spaces designed for relaxing, entertaining, and even showing off.

Luke Pawlus